Regular Sundae // $5.75

Two scoops of any flavor ice cream with your choice of one topping; chocolate, strawberry, pineapple, cherry, butterscotch or marshmallow sauce.

Make That Sundae A Newport!!! // Add $1.65

Same great sundae with a ton of whipped cream & pecans added.

Carmel Sundae // $5.75

Hot Fudge Sundae // $5.75

Handmade fudge sauce, thick, hot and gooey, served over two scoops of ice cream, any flavor. Ask for the sauce separately if you like. WARNING: This is not for people with dentures!

Fruit Salad Sundae // $6.30

It’s good for you. Two scoops of vanilla ice cream lie under a cascade of fresh & frozen fruit.

Swiss Chocolate Sundae // $6.30

Lots of vanilla ice cream with sweet chocolate sauce folded in and chocolate sprinkles scattered on top.

Chocolate Marshmallow // $6.30

Vanilla with chocolate and marshmallow sauce.

Crown Sundae // $7.20

Vanilla ice cream with hot fudge and caramel sauce topped with lots of buttered roasted pecans.

Club House Nut // $8.10

Lots of buttered pecans and crushed nuts grace two scoops of vanilla ice cream covered with strawberry and pineapple sauce. Its halo of whipped cream is topped by a cherry.

Lover’s Delight // $8.10

Twin scoops of ice cream topped with crushed nuts, pineapple and strawberry sauce, thin slices of banana, whipped cream and a cherry.

French Sundae // $8.10

A most elegant entree. This one is for people who like things sweet. Three sauces – strawberry, pineapple and marshmallow – generously ladled over two scoops of vanilla ice cream surrounded by sliced banana. The whipped cream on top is covered with handfuls of crushed toasted cashews, chocolate sprinkles and a cherry.

Fire Chief Special // $8.10

Two scoops of ice cream covered with chocolate sauce, strawberries and sliced bananas, pecans, crushed nuts and a mound of whipped cream, topped with a cherry

Uncle Sam // $8.10

Two scoops of ice cream covered with strawberry & pineapple sauce, chopped bananas, crushed nuts & whole pecans smothered in whipped cream and topped with a cherry.

Banana Split // $8.10

Underneath a cherry-peaked mountain of whipped cream are two scoops of ice cream, any flavor, & a banana drenched with strawberry and pineapple sauce then studded with crushed toasted cashews.


Homemade, rich & creamy – but not too sweet! It’s 14% butterfat with flavorings blended here in the shop in an antique copper candy kettle. Only the finest ingredients.

Vanilla // Chocolate // Black Cherry // Fresh Strawberry // Pineapple-Orange // Fresh Banana
Chocolate Chip // Ozark Black Walnut // Oreo // Coffee // Chocolate Chocolate Chip // Raspberry
Ask about our seasonal offerings

1 Scoop Cone/Cup // $3.55

2 Scoop Cone/Cup // $5.25

Pint Handpacked Ice Cream // $6.90

Quart Handpacked Ice Cream // $8.25

Half Gallon Prepacked Ice Cream // $9.35